Catgirl Cream Filling / Belly Inflation On Industrial by DeviantSeiga (2024)

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Catgirl Cream Filling, also known as Belly Inflation On Industrial or the Human Twinkie Animation, is a lewd NSFW body inflation animation by DeviantSeiga in which a cat girl falls onto an automated Twinkie filling assembly line and is filled with the pastry's cream. The animation was posted to Twitter in December 2021 and became the subject of bait-and-switch memes over the following year, also shared without context in sh*tpost status meme formats.


On July 28th, 2021, animator and Twitter[1] user @deviantseiga posted a GIF preview of an upcoming animation showing a cat girl getting her mouth filled with cream, garnering over 4,900 likes in two years. On December 20th, the same Twitter[2] user posted the complete animation, writing, "Hurrah! It's finished. Catgirl Cream Filling is out for public release," crediting users @swell_reads as an audio engineer and @mamastrassa for voice permissions. The post gained over 82,000 likes and 12,000 retweets in just over a year. The video was also posted to, where it gained over 2.3 million views in the same span of time.


The animation became the subject of bait-and-switch memes, edits and out-of-context reposts over the following months. On March 9th, 2022, YouTuber[3] Rohit Gupta posted a video explaining the animation, garnering over 620,000 views in 10 months. On June 4th, YouTuber[4] waa posted a video that begins with the animation, claiming it's the "real," full thing, then cuts to a raised eyebrow emoji with an increasing number count beside it, garnering over 225,000 views in seven months (shown below).

On July 8th, 2022. YouTuber[5] GEO posted a version of the video with a Rickroll, garnering over 88,000 views in six months. On August 19th, YouTuber[6] Fandroidfan2002 Gaming & More posted a bait-and-switch version of the meme using a version of the Soap Trusted You clip, garnering over 62,000 views in five months (shown below). On December 31st, TIkToker[7] @wcash_ posted a clip of the beginning part of the video, captioned, "how to make a human twinkie," garnering over 3 million views in four days.

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Catgirl Cream Filling / Belly Inflation On Industrial by DeviantSeiga (2024)


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