How to get from Eindhoven Airport to city? (2024)

How to get from Eindhoven Airport to city?

Bus line 400

How much is a taxi from Eindhoven Airport to city Centre?

The average cost of a taxi from Eindhoven airport to Eindhoven city is €35. The prices usually range between €30 to €40, depending on your journey time and destination in the city.

Can I buy a bus ticket in the Eindhoven Airport?

Bus from Eindhoven Airport to Railwaystation Eindhoven

At Airport Eindhoven tickets can be bought at the vending machines and the service point. There are 2 vending machines at the busstop and 1 vending machine at the baggage claim area.

How much is a taxi from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam?

The fastest and only direct way to travel from Eindhoven airport to Amsterdam is by taking a taxi. The local airport taxi drivers will charge you around €120 to make the transfer and the journey will take an impressive 1 hour and 30 minutes.

How much is bus ticket in Eindhoven?

Eindhoven day tickets

For € 4,46 you can buy an ticket at any bus, with credit card of debit card. Off Peak Day Ticket: One day of free travelling in Eindhoven for € 6,97. Outside the peak hours you can travel unlimited with Bravo to any location within Eindhoven.

Are there Ubers in Eindhoven?

Whether you're going from Eindhoven Airport to Eindhoven city center or from Van Gogh Village to Eindhoven Airport, get where you're going with the Uber app you already know. Request a ride to and from EIN at the tap of a button.

How do I pay for the bus at Eindhoven Airport?

​With the bus driver. Simply pay with a debit or credit card. Cash payment is not possible. At the ticket vending machines at Eindhoven Airport (there are 2 machines at the bus stop and one beside the baggage belt).

How much is the bus from Eindhoven Airport to train station?

How to get from Eindhoven Airport to Eindhoven Train Station by bus. The cheapest way to travel from Eindhoven airport to the train station is to take the Hermes line 400 bus. As the bus only makes two stops, the journey time is around 25 minutes and the cost of a single ticket is an affordable €4.59.

How much is the bus fare at Eindhoven Airport?

One way ticket costs around €2.60 with an OV-chipkaart (contactless smart card system) , and the price of a single ticket is around €4.24. Tickets can be bought directly from the bus or using ticket machines outside the terminal.

How far is Eindhoven from airport?

The bus journey time between Eindhoven Centraal and Eindhoven Airport (EIN) is around 22 min and covers a distance of around 9 km. Operated by Hermes and Bravo, the Eindhoven Centraal to Eindhoven Airport (EIN) bus service departs from Eindhoven Central Bus Station and arrives in Eindhoven Airport Bus Station.

Is Uber cheaper than taxi in Netherlands?

Easiest is to just grab a taxi from the rank. Uber will be cheaper.

Is Eindhoven cheaper than Amsterdam?

Is it expensive to live in Eindhoven? The fact that the average purchasing power of Eindhoven's residents is 3% lower than that of those living in Amsterdam, is compensated by the rent and consumer prices which are 31.5% and 13.2% lower respectively. Considering the above, you'd need € 700 (excl.

Is there a direct bus from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam?

The airport bus ride from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam can take as little as 1 hour 45 minutes and start at an incredibly low price of 22,90 €. The earliest airport bus leaves at 09:00. and the last bus leaves at 15:00.

How do you pay for buses in the Netherlands?

Paying for public transport is easy: simply use your contactless debit card, credit card or mobile phone to check in and out using OVpay or a public transport chip card (in Dutch: OV-chipkaart).

Can I buy a bus ticket with cash in Netherlands?

You can not pay by cash on the bus. You cannot use cash but you can use a card, OV card or use the 9292 app to buy tickets online. If you are visiting Amsterdam you can also get and use the I Amsterdam card. It can be bought online and then you can get it from Amsterdam Central Station.

How can I pay for the bus in Amsterdam?

You can pay using one of the following cards: V-pay, Maestro, VISA, Mastercard, JCB, Diners Club, Union Pay, and American Express. Which OV-chipkaart fits your way of travelling best?

Is Eindhoven walkable?

Walking Tours in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Creating your own self-guided walk in Eindhoven is easy and fun. Choose the city attractions that you want to see and a walk route map will be created just for you. You can even set your hotel as the start point of the walk.

How do you travel around Eindhoven?

Moving Around the City

Eindhoven's public transport system consists of buses, with no undergrounds or trams. But there are bus routes criss-crossing throughout the city and beyond, even with a bus running straight to the airport. It's also simple to plan your route to just about any destination.

Is Uber good in Netherlands?

It's a ride that needs no introduction: our flagship service, uberX, offers easy everyday rides at everyday rates, transporting riders in cities across the Netherlands. Whether you're coming home from work or heading out with friends, uberX is the go-to option for a quick, affordable ride across town.

Is it worth going to Eindhoven?

There is plenty to see and do in this dynamic city, from the Philips Factory Complex and the Van Abbemuseum to the many bike paths and nature reserves. Another great reason why is Eindhoven worth visiting, is its connectivity with more than 75 destinations in Europe, via the Eindhoven Airport.

Can I buy a ticket on the bus Netherlands?

You can buy a ticket from the bus driver. You can pay with debit card, credit card or mobile phone and will receive a receipt. The receipt is your ticket. With this receipt, you can check out when you leave the bus and if you want to change buses you can use it to check in with on the other bus.

When to get to Eindhoven Airport?

Travel well prepared and be at the airport on time. We advise you to check in at least 2 hours before your flight departures. Please note: the terminal opens at 04.30am.

How to get from Eindhoven airport to railway station?

If you want to travel from Eindhoven Airport to Eindhoven Centraal, the Hermes line 400 bus provides a transfer solution. The Eindhoven Airport bus station can be found directly in front of the Arrivals Hall at Eindhoven Airport. The bus offers a journey with two stops between Eindhoven airport and Eindhoven Centraal.

Is Eindhoven airport large?

It offers connectivity to more than 87 destinations served by over ten passenger airlines. The airport handles 6.2 million passengers a year, making it the second-biggest airport in the Netherlands.

How do I get to Eindhoven airport early in the morning?

Eindhoven Airport can be reached from Eindhoven Central Station by bus 400 and 401. From NS station Best you can take bus line 20 to Eindhoven Airport. Lines 400 and 401 each run several times an hour to Eindhoven Airport.

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