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Transport pod

A launchable sub-orbital cargo pod capable of carrying people, items, or animals. Can be used for sending gifts, transporting people or supplies, surprise attacks, or reinforcing battles.

Base Stats

Market Value
152 [Note]


pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Terrain Affordance


Required Research
Transport pod
Skill Required
Construction 6
Work To Make
1,600ticks (26.67secs)
Resources to make
60 + 1
Deconstruct yield
30 + 0 - 1
Destroy yield
15 + 0 - 1

Transport pods, or drop pods, are single-use miscellaneous structures launched through the lower atmosphere by pod launchers, and used to carry pawns and/or items across the world map up to 66 tiles away. They can also be used by factions and raiders alike.


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  • 2 Summary
    • 2.1 Launch targets
    • 2.2 Creating a pod group
  • 3 NPC transport pods
  • 4 Analysis
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  • 6 Version history


Transport pods can be constructed once the Transport pod research project has been completed. Each pod requires 60Steel, 1Component, 1,600ticks (26.67secs) of work, and a Construction skill of 6.

A pod can only be constructed on a pod launcher, in the position indicated by the white icon and where the umbilical is present on the launcher sprite. Constructing the pod launcher requires the Transport pod research project to be completed, 50Steel, 1Component, 3,000ticks (50secs) of work, and a Construction skill of 6.


Each transport pod can hold up to 150 kg of items or pawns. For comparison, an adult human weighs 60 kg before equipment. They can be launched up to 66 tiles away. Pods can be launched as a group, if their pod launchers are directly adjacent. When in groups, the game intentionally ignores individual pod capacity: for example, a group of 2 transport pods (300 kg) can hold a 280kg elephant in 1 pod, while the other pod will have 20 kg of capacity remaining. It is possible to load prisoners and downed pawns.

When items are selected, haulers will immediately proceed to load the pods. Only one colonist may load a pod at a time. If a colonist is part of the load, that colonist will prioritize loading the pod, even if they are otherwise incapable of hauling. The system is not without some quirks:

  • Pawns loading the pods will ignore their need for food and sleep, which will result in starvation and likely lowered mood. This means that if a colonist gets too tired, they might collapse and discard their assigned load, so some items might be missing in the end.
  • If one of the colonists who are loading the pod is downed or killed, all of the pods will automatically unload and the loading process will be canceled.[Fact Check]

Once the pods have been loaded, clicking the 'Launch group' button opens the world map to select a destination. The maximum range, based on the launcher's amount of fuel, is indicated by a white border. Pods are single use.

Launch targets[edit]

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Pods can be launched at empty tiles, to caravans, or at a faction base, player colonies, or event locations. Manned pods can choose to form caravans at their drop site or, if targeting a base or event location, choose to drop at the edge or center. Note that this is always considered an attack if performed on a faction base.

All pods, even manned ones, can be gifted to faction bases resulting in a goodwill proportional to the market value of the items and pawns in the pods. All unmanned pods dropped onto faction base are considered a gift. Prisoners and downed pawns being returned to their faction's bases also provides an addition goodwill bonus.

All unmanned pods dropped on to any other location that is not currently visible (e.g. any tile that isn't a player colony and does not have any colonists present) will be lost. Toxic wastepacks disposed of this way will cause pollution on the given tile, annoying nearby factions. Dropping wastepacks directly on other faction bases causes goodwill penalties, as well as retaliation in the form of raids or wastepacks sent back.

When dropping into a player visible map, including event maps, colonies, and/or the map the launcher itself is on, players can choose the pods' exact drop point. Be careful with the landing site, as the pods can go through roofs; while they don't deal any damage directly, the collapsing roof can damage nearby items and pawns. They cannot land on overhead mountain.

When pods, manned or unmanned, are dropped on caravans their contents are instantly merged into the caravan.

Creating a pod group[edit]

A pod can be launched individually or with others. Grouped pods must be connected to pod launchers that are all touching along one of their borders.

To select multiple pods for a launch group, make sure their launchers are connected, and use one of the following methods:

  • Double-click a pod to select all pods on the screen.
  • Hold ⇧ Shift and click each pod.
  • Draw a selection box around the pods.

NPC transport pods[edit]

Other factions can use drop pods as a way to immediately get to you:

  • Trade ships will use drop pods to send items to you.
  • Used for quests, both for the reward and for certain objectives, like prisoners and monument markers
  • Asking for military support for outlander or empire factions, where allies will drop in.
  • Raids can arrive from drop pods. They often drop directly on your base, but can also arrive normally or scatter throughout the map. Sieges get supplies from drop pods.


This section is a stub. You can help RimWorld Wiki by expanding it. Reason: General. Value proposition for trading, mutlicolony use, quests, instant emergency reinforcements on quest/caravan battles, and movement on the same map (e.g. doomdropping).

Due to the game's inefficiency in loading large stocks, it's best to create a stockpile right next to the pods and haul all desired items there before loading the pods, to reduce time spent going back and forth. Once inside the pods, pawns will keep their needs, meaning if you load them hungry or exhausted, they will be hungry and exhausted upon arrival.

For extra long distance travel it is possible to load the transport pod with resources to build another pod launcher immediately upon landing. When this is done the resources (110 + 2 + 150) will take up 64kg for every secondary launch. This cost can be dramatically reduced by mining steel at the landing site, reducing the weight cost to 9kg of chemfuel and components per secondary pod.


  • Alternate transport pod used by mechanoid raids and mech clusters

  • Transport pods in flight

Version history[edit]

  • 1.1.0 - Downed pawns can now be loaded into transport pods like prisoners.
  • 1.4.3528 - Fix: Mechs not entering transport pods. Fix: Lifters can try to haul themselves to a transport pod.
  • 1.4.3555 - Fix: Pawns ignore allow zones when hauling to transport pods.
  • Old texture prior to 1.0.2096 or earlier.


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Transport pod - RimWorld Wiki (2024)


How much can a transport pod hold Rimworld? ›

Each transport pod can hold up to 150 kg of items or pawns. For comparison, an adult human weighs 60 kg before equipment.

How do transport pods work Rimworld? ›

Transport pods must be built on a pod launcher's loading zone. Each transport pod can hold 150 kg of items. chemfuel in order to launch. Each tile of distance requires 2.25 chemfuel (rounded down).

How to send gifts with transport pods rimworld? ›

You can send them gifts via transport pods. Just load whatever you wanna give them into a pod, make sure said pod has enough fuel to reach one of their settlements and send it. It'll show you the amount of goodwill you'll get as you hover over their settlement.

What is the maximum wealth in RimWorld? ›

The maximum wealth is 1,000,000 for the purposes of raid points, and the maximum number of raid points is 10,000. If one of these two caps are reached, then there is no point managing wealth any further.

How much can the transport shuttle hold RimWorld? ›

A shuttle called by permit will transport colonists, items, and animals on a one-way trip to anywhere you like within 70 world tiles. The shuttle can hold a total of 1000kg when loaded on a colony map, but as of 1.2. 2900, it ignored this weight limit when called for a caravan on the world map.

How do you fuel transport pods? ›

You need to build a refinery, connect it to a power supply, make fuel out of wood.

What happens when you launch ship Rimworld? ›

The ship launch is the 15-day activation period of the ship reactor. You will be hit with constant human and mechanoid raids, 10-20 in total plus threats that may be normally fired via the storyteller. If the ship is complete and remains intact, then your colonists can board the ship and leave the rimworld.

How do you deploy caravan in Rimworld? ›

In the World map, select the colony icon and click 'Form caravan'. A dialog is shown to assign pawns, animals, and items. You can create multiple caravans. Caution: Clicking 'Abandon' on an unoccupied colony will not prompt for any confirmation before making it an inaccessible ruins and lost forever.

What does Goodwill do in RimWorld? ›

The goodwill boost is proportional to the market value of the gifts given, with 160 worth of items or silver providing +1 rep boost.

How do you send someone a quest in Rimworld? ›

when you go into the world map. click on your base and cl ick on the button that says something a long the lines of "form caravan" You then choose who you want to go and what they are carrying. You will need to probably carry a lot of food if there are no roads. It is advised that you used packaged survival meals.

How much weight can a moving pod hold? ›

A quick guide to the PODS max weight: The limit for 8-foot containers is 5,200 pounds; 12-foot containers, 4,700; and 16-foot containers, 4,200. You don't have to calculate how much your things weigh, but if you're concerned, pick your heaviest items and look for similar ones online.

What is the capacity of a caravan RimWorld? ›

NameTypePack capacity (kg)
26 more rows
Jun 20, 2024

How many units can a drop pod hold? ›

Standard Drop Pod

The standard pattern of Adeptus Astartes Drop Pod is capable of carrying up to 12 Space Marines into combat. They are launched from a vessel in low orbit towards the drop zone, usually in the midst of or near a battlefield.

How many people can be in a pod? ›

Pods vary in size. We have pods available for parties of two, and pods that can hold between four to six people. There is enough space in each pod for everyone in the party to comfortably sit, move around and dance.


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