Jeep Compass (MK49; 2007-2010) fuses and relays (2024)

Jeep Compass (MK49, 2007-2010) — This is the 1st generation of the Compass family. The car was produced in 2007, 2008, 2001 and 2010. Jeep Compass was presented in a 5-door SUV body style, with 2.0 L, 2.4 L gasoline engines and 2.0 L, 2.2 L diesel engines.

Jeep Compass (MK49; 2007-2010) fuses and relays (1)

In this article you will find information about location of the fuse boxes and relays with their diagrams and assignment, suitable for all 2007-2010 Compass models (Sport, Latitude, Limited).

Especially we will highlight the fuses responsible for the Cigarette lighter and ABS.

Remember! Depending on the year of manufacture, country of manufacture, equipment and modification of the vehicle – fuse and relay boxes may differ. Also, electrical elements of one circuit can be protected by several fuses.

Fuse box and relays under the hood

The Jeep Compass MK49 has 2 fuse / relay boxes, both located in the engine compartment.

Fuse box (IPM)

The main (and the 1-st) Fuse box (also called Integrated Power Module / IPM (TIPM)) is located on the left side (in the direction of car movement) of the engine compartment, next to the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) and the Battery.

Jeep Compass (MK49; 2007-2010) fuses and relays (2)

To access to the fuses:

  • You have to remove the protective cover by pressing and pulling the 2 tabs on the end of the unit. Jeep Compass (MK49; 2007-2010) fuses and relays (3)

2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Jeep Compass (MK49; 2007-2010) fuses and relays (4)
AmpsProtected circuit
1 -Not used (empty)
215 AAll Wheel Drive control module (AWD) /Four-weel drive (4WD) (ECU Feed)
310 ARear Center High-mounted Stoplight (CHMSL), Brake light Switch (Stop lamps switch)
410 AIgnition Switch, Transmission control module (TCM / CVT), Occupant Classification module (OCM)
520 ATrailer Tow, trailer tow park lamp relay, trailer tow brake lamp relay
610 AIgnition off draw switch (IOD), Power mirrors, Ocm Steering Cntrl Sdar, Hands free phone (module), left vanity lamp, Mirror Switch (adjusting the mirrors - up, down, right, left - models without Hands Free)
730 AIgnition off draw (IOD) - Sense1
830 AIgnition off draw (IOD) - Sense2
940 APower seats, Secondary Air pump assembly
1020 AInstrument cluster, Cabin Compartment Node (CCN) Power Locks
1115 APower Outlet
1220 AAcc Inverter (Inverter module) / Power outlet (Ignition Run)
1320 APower run Acc Outlet (power outlet) - Rear row
1410 AInstrument cluster / panel, Interior Lights (reading lamps, rail lamps, courtesy lamps, cargo lights), Shift lever assembly
1540 ARadiator Fan relay (engine cooling system), Radiator Low/High relay, Radiator Medium/High relay (Battery feed)
1615 ACigar lighter, Sunroof, Dome lamp, Rear Wiper motor (IGN Run)
1710 AWireless Control module (WCM) (Sentry key remote entry), Steering control module, Windshield Wiper and Washer Switch, Rear Wiper/ Washer, Headlamp / Headlight Switch, Turn signal Switch (IOD Feed),
1840 AASD (automatic shutdown) Relay contact / Main relay, Power feed
1920 ARadio Amplifiers (Power Amplifier #1 and Amplifier # 2 ), Subwoofer speaker
2015 ARadio (audio system), Media port, Navigation system, Radio Antenna, Inside rearview mirror - microphones (1,2), Handsfree module (IOD Feed)
2110 AIntrusion Transciever Module / Siren (IOD Feed)
2210 AHeater, Air conditioner (A/C), Compass sensor (module) (IOD feed)
2315 AAutomatic shutdown relay (ASD) feed - 3
2415 APower Sunroof (sunroof motor)
2510 AHeated rearview mirrors (Driver and Passenger outside rearview mirrors), Electric Heated Backlite
2615 AAutomatic shutdown relay (ASD) feed - 2
2710 AOccupant Restraint Controller (ORC) (Airbag module)
2810 AOccupant Classification Module (OCM) (Airbag module)
29 -Hot Car (No Fuse Required)
3020 AHeated seats (right and left), Heated seats module
3110 AHeadlamp washer relay control
3230 AAutomatic shutdown (ASD) relay control Feed - 1
3310 APowertrain Control Module (PCM), ABS Module, J1962 Connector (OBD II / Data link connector), Switch Bank (Left side of dash - Heated Seats), Radiator fan relays, Main / ASD relay
3430 AABS valve (Anti-lock brake system, ABS module)
3540 AABS Pump (Anti-lock brake system, ABS module)
3630 AHeadlamp /Washer Control / Smart Glass
3725A / 15A2007-2008 Gasoline (25A): 110 Inverter;
2009-2010 Gasoline: Empty (not used);
Diesel (15A): Diesel Fuel Heater (*If equipped)

The Cigarette lighter fuse and Power outlets fuses are at numbers #11 (15A), #12 (20A), #13 (20A) and #16 (15A) The ABS systemhas 3 fuses: #33 (10A), #34 (30A), #35 (40A).

  • Horn, Power Windows, Tail lights, Park lights, License Lamp, Fog lights, Starter relay– there are no fuses and relays for these items. They are controlled by the Electronics of TIPM.
  • Headlights, Turn signals – this vehicle has a fuse for the Headlight Switch and Turn signal Switch#17 (10A), not directly for the lamps. The lamps are controlled by the TIPM Electronics.

Relay box

The 2-nd block (relay box) located inside the driver’s side fender well.

How to access the block and relays:

  1. You can reach the block from the engine compartment (but it’s not very convenient) and remove its plastic protective cover.

    Jeep Compass (MK49; 2007-2010) fuses and relays (5)

Jeep Compass (MK49; 2007-2010) fuses and relays (6)
  1. You can remove the left wheel and its fender liner (fender protector).

Jeep Compass (MK49; 2007-2010) fuses and relays (7)

Jeep Compass (MK49; 2007-2010) fuses and relays (8)
Jeep Compass (MK49; 2007-2010) fuses and relays (9)
AmpsProtected circuit
R1 -Radiator Fan - Series/Parallel relay
R2 -Radiator Fan - Low / High speed relay
R3 -Spare (not used); Lamp Activation relay (*if equipped)
R4 -ASD relay (Main relay )
R5 -Spare (not used); Turbo Coolant pump (*if equipped)
R6 -Radiator Fan - Medium / High speed relay
F1 -Not used (empty)
F2 -Not used (empty)
F3 -Not used (empty)
F4 -Not used (empty)

See also:

  • Jeep Patriot (MK74; 2007-2017): diagrams of fuse boxes and relays

If you have anything to add or any questions, please leave a comment below!

Jeep Compass (MK49; 2007-2010) fuses and relays (2024)


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