Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (2024)

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Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (1)

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Our 3 Part Mission

The happiness of our customers, our breeders, and your puppy is the foundation of everything we do.


Connect responsible, ethical breeders with responsible, ethical buyers. Our mission is to take the uncertainty and headache out of finding the perfect puppy.


Help owners keep their puppies happy and healthy throughout the dog's entire life by sourcing and creating the best products, services, and learning materials.


Accelerate the elimination of puppy mills by empowering humane breeders and exposing those with inhumane operations. We want to be part of the solution.

Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (50)

5 Star Breeders

We only work with breeders who pass our 47 breeder standards. Here are a few of them...

Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (51)

Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (52)

Vintage Doodles

5 Star Breeder

Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (53)

Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (54)

Katie M Golden's

5 Star Breeder

Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (55)

Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (56)


5 Star Company

Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (57)

Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (58)

Western Mass

5 Star Breeder

Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (59)

Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (60)

GoodPup Virginia

5 Star Breeder

Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (61)

Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (62)

Top Labs

5 Star Breeder

Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (63)

Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (64)

Doggy Delight

5 Star Breeder

Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (65)

Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (66)

Collie Love

5 Star Breeder

About Uptown Approved Breeders

No puppy mills. No scams. We thoroughly vet all breeders based on our 47 Breeder Standards. When you find a puppy at Uptown, you're not just getting a dog--you're getting peace of mind that your new best friend is coming from an experienced, ethical breeder who loves dogs just as much as you do.

See the 47 Standards

Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (67)

Questions & Answers

Questions about puppies for sale in Indiana? We have answers.

How much do puppies for sale in Indiana cost?

Are you seeking puppies for sale under 300 dollars near me, or within some other price range? Puppies for sale under 300 dollars or any other price range will be commensurate with the quality of the dog’s pedigree and the reputation of the breeder. When searching out puppies for sale, Indiana residents should know that the price for puppies in Indiana is based on other factors like the puppy’s breed, sex, and the quality and color of its fur. For puppies under 300 dollars and other price ranges, there’s one in our network that’s right for you and your budget.

Does your breeder network offer dogs for sale in Indiana out of state?

Getting a puppy from dog breeders in Indiana to your home out of state is no problem. For the out of state puppy finder, Indiana has a great number of quality breeders that might have the puppy that you want to welcome into your family and love forever. Getting it to you is easy enough through airline travel for pets, or you can visit one of our listed breeders to get your puppy in person and drive it home.

How do you screen those who breed Indiana dogs?

Anyone looking for cute baby dogs for sale can rest assured that Uptown Puppies connects you with only the highest quality, most reputable breeders in our industry. While new applicants are constantly hounding us to join our network, we are very selective about who we are willing to recommend to our users. In fact, fewer than 10% of breeders who apply to join our network ever get listed on Uptown Puppies. That’s because of our commitment to you and to making sure we reward kennels that have the experience and care to treat the puppies the best.

Why is Uptown Puppies different from others advertising Indiana dogs for sale?

The Internet has made it easier than ever to connect with high quality businesses of all kinds. But unfortunately, the explosion of the Internet and online sources for residents to find free puppies in Indiana, has led to an explosion in unscrupulous puppy mills that force breeding dogs to have too many litters too close together, and raise puppies that are in poor health and not well taken care of. Uptown Puppies only connects you to reputable dog breeders.

Where can I find an Indiana puppy?

Are you looking for puppies for sale in Northwest Indiana? Or the Fort Wayne area? Or in or around Indianapolis? Or more like the Louisville or Evansville areas? Whatever part of the state you live in, there are dog breeders not far away that might have the exact puppy you’re looking for to make a furry addition to your family. Finding the right one for you should be fun and easy using our directory. And our listed breeders will make sure you get the puppy you love.

What is a puppy mill?

If you’re looking for free puppies, Indiana residents should be aware of puppy mills. They might advertise in sketchy online posts like “Real puppies for free!” or “Free dogs in Indiana,” or “Puppies for sale under 50 dollars,” or “Cheap puppies for sale in Indiana.” Take the low or free price with a grain of salt. You might be getting your puppy from a breeder that factory farms dogs and gives away puppies with health problems and genetic defects.

Which puppy breeds can I find for sale at Uptown Puppies?

If you’re looking for a specific breed on Uptown Puppies, just browse our selection by breed and by look through our vetted list of breeders. We have a wide variety of puppy breeds available through our network. Whether you want the basic classics, a purebred puppy, or a fashionable designer breed, they’re all available, including small breed puppies for sale. Anyone seeking small dogs for sale in Indiana should definitely check out our list of quality, reputable breeders.

How do I use your Indiana puppies network?

If you want a new puppy, Indiana has a number of great breeders who’ve got the right one for you. Browse through our portal and find the puppy you love and want to take home to make a part of your family. Then get in contact with the breeder through our website to make arrangements to visit your puppy at the kennel and bring it home. When shopping puppys for sale, Indiana residents have all the best breeders in one place on Uptown.

How do I know I can trust your network of Indiana dog breeders?

Uptown Puppies has a directory of the best puppies Indiana residents can find, from the most caring, ethical, and experienced breeders of new pups. When shopping dogs for sale, Indiana pet owners find they get the best from the most professional breeders through Uptown. That’s because these Indiana dog breeders are selected according to the most rigorous criteria for experience and reputation, so we only connect you to the very best breeders.

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See Available Puppies Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (68)

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Indiana Puppies For Sale From Vetted Indiana Dog Breeders (2024)


How do I know if my puppy breeder is legit? ›

Most reliable breeders earn their reputation by providing healthy pups to good homes resulting in “word of mouth” references. Meet breeders at local dog shows or look online for local breed clubs and review the AKC Breeder Referral page on their website

How do I find a reputable dog breeder near me? ›

The easiest and most convenient way to find a breeder and the right dog for you is through The AKC web site offers potential puppy buyers access to a wealth of information on buying a dog, selecting a breeder, and dog care.

Is Buckeyepuppies legit? ›

Most Recent Customer Review

We got a Chihuahua mix puppy from buckeye puppies and it was a very good experience. The family were very nice and friendly and the son was very knowledgeable and helpful about our new puppy. Our puppy is healthy and happy.

Will breeders ship puppies? ›

After all, it can take months or years to find the perfect puppy, especially rare or designer breeds, which often come with lengthy waiting lists. To make things easier, many dog breeders will sell puppies online and have them shipped to their new pet parents.

How can you tell the difference between a puppy mill and a breeder? ›

Ask to visit their facility

Most reputable breeders will gladly show you where their litter is born and raised. Typically, this will be in their family home, where the puppies are socialized and well-cared for. Consider it a huge red flag if a seller refuses to show you their puppy's living quarters.

Does puppy Town really pay? ›

Its very Doubtful that Puppy Town really pays. Maybe they reward a few lucky users just to show their app is genuine. You must not expect to earn any money or iPhone with that game. We take a look at many reviews on Google Play, and I was not shocked to find so many complaints.

Is Millersburg Ohio known for puppy mills? ›

Several puppy mills are in Millersburg. "There's one puppy mill in Millersburg where the dogs had such severe dental disease that when an inspector touched the molars in the back of the mouth they were wiggling.

Is Sportsman Kennel a puppy mill? ›

Sportsman's Kennels in New York, which is AKC-linked, was cited by state inspectors for repeated issues with lack of rabies vaccines or expired vaccines at a puppy mill with over 280 dogs.

What do breeders do with unsold puppies? ›

Ethical dog breeders almost never have excess puppies. If they ever do, they keep them until they can find them homes. Backyard breeders and puppy-mill operators may hang on to them, turn them over to a rescue or shelter, or give them away.

Why not to buy a puppy from a breeder? ›

Because puppy mills and backyard breeders choose profit over animal welfare, their animals typically do not receive proper veterinary care. Animals may seem healthy at first but later show issues like congenital eye and hip defects, parasites or even the deadly Parvovirus.

How do you not get scammed by puppy breeders? ›

Research the prices for the breed you are considering ahead of time. Purebred dogs sold at deeply discounted prices are typically frauds. If the seller says they register their dogs with a specific organization, you can call the organization to confirm. Breeder “badges.” AKC does not distribute badges to breeders.

What to look for when picking a puppy from a breeder? ›

How do I choose a healthy pup?
  • Talk to the owner. Ask about appetite and eliminations. ...
  • Observe the litter mates in action. Do they all play together or is there a quiet one that retreats to a corner? ...
  • Survey their overall appearance. Do the puppies' coats shine? ...
  • Watch them move. Do they hop around on all four legs?

How do I stop being scammed by a dog breeder? ›

Go local: check out breeders in your area as well as local shelters. Try to see the pet in person, meet with staff and/or volunteers, and make sure they're legitimate. Meeting in person or video chat will be the best way to get hands on experience with the breeder/seller to ensure credentials.

How do you identify a irresponsible breeder? ›

An irresponsible dog breeder will hide anything they don't want you to know, including their lack of experience. "You should also ask about the breeder's history and experience," urges Tim.


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