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Should You Build a 6 Bedroom House?

A 6-bedroom house may sound like a lot to some — yet, others with a large family may find it just adequate fortheir needs. No matter which camp you fall into, there are pros and cons to taking on a 6-bedroom home.


From the get-go, a 6-bedroom house is perfect for multi-generational living, extended family members, andeven mixed or blended families. Separate bedrooms provide each member of the family with the space andprivacy they need. At the same time, spacious common areas like the family room and kitchen allow them tospend time together as well as entertain guests.

If a large family orientation doesn’t apply to you, there are other reasons a smaller family might opt for morethan two or three bedrooms.

This house type is also ideal for people who live by themselves and want to start a business at home. One ofthe rooms can serve as a home office and the rest as rooms to store their inventory. As the business scales,they can use the other rooms as additional home offices for their new employees.

Another reason 6 bedroom plans are so popular are because they can serve as vacation rentals for sites likeAirBnb or Vrbo.

Families who are on the lookout for great vacation homes can spot your house on these websites and booklong-term stays in advance. It’s not a bad idea to use your 6 bedroom house plan as a means of generatingyear-long passive income from your property — especially if you’re looking to downsize but don’t want to let goof the lot or home.


With a 6-bedroom home comes considerations of maintenance, upkeep, and higher ongoing costs.

So, for example, the initial down payment on a mortgage for this size of home (and land) will be far more thana 2-bedroom, 1,200 square foot home. You also need to think about the maintenance costs that inevitablycome up, such as pest control, replacing the roofs, updating plumbing, and so on.

You’ll also need to make sure you have enough energy (or manpower) to keep up landscaping and the internalcleanliness of your home.

Aside from paying for more materials and construction fees, you’ll have to worry about property taxes andinsurance. The bigger the house, the higher the property taxes.

What Counts As a Bedroom?

When choosing 6-bedroom house plans for your property, you must know first what constitutes a "bedroom."Just because there are enclosures within a home, that doesn't mean they're bedrooms in the strictest sense ofthe word.

The legal definition and characteristics of a bedroom, according to Upnest, include the following:

  • Minimum of 70 square footage of floor space, although the measurement varies depending on thestate, ex., Michigan has a minimum requirement of 50 square feet.
  • Minimum of a 7-foot horizontal measurement in height and width.
  • Must have two main points of egress where you can enter and exit. These points may consist of a doorand a window, the latter of which can serve as an emergency exit.
  • A room's window may be at least 8% of the floor area. If the room has multiple windows, at least oneshould measure 5.7 square feet and be no more than 44 inches above the floor

If the bedrooms in a house plan don't meet the specifications above, they're not actual bedrooms. That’s asignal that you should look for another plan.

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There should be a consistent distribution space of different rooms and sections in a house plan. The ratiodistribution allows you, as a homeowner, to maximize the space provided for its intended purpose. Forexample, having a much bigger master bathroom than your master bedroom doesn't make sense and wastesspace.

Different Layouts for 6-Bedroom House Plans

Discuss the possible layouts for your 6-bedroom house plan. The design depends on the size of the property,safety for those living with families, and costs, among others.

One-Level Traditional House Plan

A traditional house plan does not subscribe to a particular style. It has elements of European, Country,Colonial, and Classic styles rolled into one house plan. Most American homes fall under this category.

In the traditional house plan above, there are two homes parallel to each other under a single roof. Each has amaster bedroom, another two bedrooms, a bathroom, a dining room, and a kitchen area. There's also a grillingporch at the back and a porch at the entry.

This house plan is ideal for two families that want to live separate lives and remain close.

Two-Story Modern Bedroom Home

Modern house plans have geometric shapes and clean lines in place of ornate columns and arches. Bykeeping their home elegantly simple and purposefully understated, the design emphasizes the home's functionand intent.

In this example of a modern 6-bedroom house plan, you can find the pool area and media room where theycan screen a film on the projector wall on the first floor. You can find the sixth suite of the home in the corner ofthe same floor, serving as the home's gaming area.

The upper floor is where all the bedrooms are. The setup of the rooms allows families to separate therecreational areas from the rooms where they can rest and take a break.

Luxury 6-Bedroom Tuscan House Plan

The Tuscan-style home design takes inspiration from stone finishes and warm colors of the architecture inFlorence, Italy. This home style is a popular choice among homeowners looking for a large open layout with anelegant appearance.

In this Tuscan house plan, the entrance gives you access to its vast living room where you can also find thekitchen, pantry, dinette, and dining room. Outside the living room is the covered lanai area, where you'll have aview of the pool deck below.

The second floor is where you can find most of the bedrooms. There's also a craft room and playroom forrecreational purposes. Finally, there are balconies at opposite ends of the area.

Find More 6-Bedroom House Plans that Suit Your Needs

We are just scratching the surface with the examples of the 6-bedroom house plans above. Compared to theones featured, you may be looking for something simpler or more extravagant for your home, if not somethingin between.

In this case, you can search our site and choose from hundreds of house and floor plans. You can also consultour in-house architects and designers for advice and solutions regarding the plans you can find on our website.

Visit Monster House Plans today to find your dream house plan today.

6 Bedroom House Plans | Monster House Plans (2024)


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